Solid siliconized polyester staple fiber manufacturer in Bangladesh

Pattern: Solid Fiber with Silicone

Grade: AA and AAA grade

Neel Nagar Industries Ltd is one of the leading solid siliconized polyester staple fiber (PSF) suppliers in Bangladesh. From sumptuous bedding to exquisite textiles, our solid siliconized PSF is your gateway to a realm of refined sophistication.

Product details and description

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Fineness 1.4d, 1.5d, 3d & 6d
Cut length 32mm, 38mm, 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 84mm, 95mm & 102mm
Color Snow white, bright white, black & off-white. Any other color is available, depending on the order and quantity provided by customers
Customization Any customized specification is possible
Luster Good and high
Pattern Solid Fiber with Silicone
Grade AA and AAA grade
Packing details 250Kgs per bale (10% more or less)
Packaging materials PP woven bag and PET strap
Product details Solid & Siliconised
Delivery time Prompt shipment
Payment terms Advance TT or LC at Sight
MOQ 1 x 40 ' HQ / 23 MT (+/-)
Production capacity 1500MT/month
Application An antistatic agent is added for the antistatic quality. The finishing and hand feel are great. Sometimes this fiber is also used as raw material by the padding and geotextile manufacturers.

We are available for customized order.

Product features

  • Light and soft
  • Anti-static
  • Feather touch
  • Excellent tenacity
  • Excellent filling power
  • High resilience & durability
  • High bulkiness & easy-open

Other solid PSF

  • Solid Non Siliconized PSF (Spinning Grade)
  • Solid Non Siliconized PSF (Geo Grade)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Solid Siliconized PSF is a high-quality Polyester Staple Fiber treated with advanced siliconization, resulting in a soft and lustrous texture that enhances the comfort and aesthetics of textiles.
Solid Siliconized PSF offers exceptional softness, color retention, and durability. It enhances the quality and sensory experience of textiles while maintaining resilience and ease of processing.
Our advanced production techniques involve treating the fiber with a silicone-based finish. This process enhances the fiber's softness, color vibrancy, and overall performance.
Yes, We are committed to sustainable practices. Our Solid Siliconized PSF is designed with eco-conscious considerations, ensuring responsible manufacturing.
Solid Siliconized PSF stands out for its exceptional softness, colorfastness, and durability. Its unique attributes make it a preferred choice for those seeking premium quality in their textiles.
Absolutely, Solid Siliconized PSF can be blended with various fibers to create unique blends that combine its luxurious qualities with other desired attributes.
Feel free to reach out to Neel Nagar Industries Ltd. to inquire about sample availability. We are here to assist you in exploring the benefits of our product.
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